Osnet is an integrated Online Services Company of OceanSpring Group. Since 2008, we have carved a niche in advertising, business and retail services. Built on technology, professionalism and service excellence, we have served as the leading light for small and growing businesses in Nigeria; providing a strong back for reality television projects, web presence, events, corporate development, publishing and other innovations.

OceanSpring trades in the name and style of OsNet in class 35 and 41 registered trademark to ensure more indegenous African businesses could be better connected globally; supported with appropriate education, training, entertainment, sporting and cultural activities. Our one-roof customer service strategy is helping us build an Agency practice that could efficiently meet all your business needs.

A key mandate is to deliver Nigeria’s first true ISNP Bancassurance service model by 2021. We are building on the Covid-19 pandemic to deliver empowerment for SMEs and innovative Corporations across Sub-Saharan Africa through corporate, offshore and financial inclusion services.