OceanSpring owns a chain of regulated news publishing operations, private newswire agency, public relations house and social media studio. Our Media Group also works with other professional and technical external resources for wholesome view of needs and solutions.

OceanSpring gives you a 360 degree view on one platform. A real-time feed of who and where your viewers are, location, demographics, and sentiment. Advertisers know that 50% of their typical marketing budget is wasted, and they don’t know which half. That’s a problem we have solved.

We analyze and save many data points, and we present them in an overview screen and graphical format as a representation of channel engagement in real time. This screen shows the number of unique connections, peak (simultaneous) connections, average connections, and total hours/minutes viewed. Our analytics provide valuable information that can be used to make actionable decisions on the curation of future content and the promotion and repurposing of existing video content. Our analytics dashboard differentiates between live streaming and prerecorded and scheduled video.

We have a deep commitment towards deepening broadcasting service integration for a wholesome user experience across all devices and platforms. We are bringing end-to-end enterprise corporate communications engagement and collaboration platforms that puts the power of connectivity and expression in your hands.